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Below are thoughts on happiness submitted from people around the world. Click here to submit your thoughts on What is happiness? 

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First, happiness means to be healthy.  And second, happiness is to know love.  Love will fulfill your dreams and help you to succeed in your family life.  And that is true happiness.   ~Goldi

Happiness is the fruit of wise choices.  ~Jeff

Happiness is a happy wife. ~Nathan

Happiness is seeing good days ahead and knowing that God loves you unconditionally.   ~Violet

a) List all the negatives in your life down the left side of an A4 sheet.
b) Down the right side of the paper, produce a 'positive outcome statement' against each negative.

NOTE: An outcome statement has 4 components
1) A subject
2) An action
3) A set of conditions
4) It written in past tense - as if it has been done

Negative: I am fat.
Positive outcome statement: 'BMI is reduced to the 'green' zone by April 2011'

So, happiness is incremental as outcomes are achieved. Smiling becomes more frequent, this makes others smile, and makes you more attractive. This draws others to you and increases social contact. Social contact increases motivation and the cycle becomes increasingly positive. Success creates success, happiness increases and spreads.
~Sid Stephenson
Bridgnorth, Shropshire

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