Thank You Lord for this Child - Beautiful Baby Poem
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Beautiful Baby Poem - Baby Dedication Poem - Baby Shower Poem

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The following beautiful baby poem, Thank You Lord for this Child was originally written with the name of the author’s son in the title.  It was changed to “this Child” so that readers can relate to it and think of the child/children in their lives for which they are grateful.  After suffering a miscarriage and praying fervently for a child, she bore a son.  With much joy and gratitude, she praised God for answering her prayers with this beautiful, heartfelt poem. In gratitude as well, her husband wrote a passionate song for their son and sang it to him on the day of his birth.  The instrumental version of the song is part of this presentation as well.  The vocal version is coming soon.  Be sure to check back on this page.  May the poem, music, and online presentation touch your heart and increase your joy and gratitude for the children you love and enjoy.  Be sure to tell a friend about this presentation. 
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